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Enter the ADVentador world and find out how to make your business move across brands and exclusive locations.

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The ADVentador Project

The Lamborghini adventador is divided into 100,000 cm2 and it offers an advertising revolutionary and innovative space at the disposal of our clients.

This real and tangible car becomes the only one of its kind.

Our Lambo is made entirely of advertising and it aims to go viral and capable of offering a sustainable business idea. Our goals is to make your brand more visible trough participation in international events and web promotion.

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L'Aventador è quasi pronta. Siamo già al 70%.

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Lamborghini Aventador

700 HP 3,472 lb 350 km/h 0-100 in 2,9s Aventador

The Aventador LP 700-4 represents a whole new level of performance, sets new benchmarks in the super sports car segment, and provides a glimpse into the future.
It’s a car that’s already achieved legendary status.

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Open the configurator. Enter your logo. Place it anywhere you like. Come to the most exclusive marketing project ever.

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